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Over its lifetime, a typical IT enclosure will undergo a variety of modifications and repairs—some planned, but many unforeseen.  In both design and accessories, Rittal builds flexibility into each enclosure to manage modifications efficiently. This helps ensure the enclosure does not have to be taken out of service or replaced to accommodate new racks, cooling or power solutions.

  • Managed enclosure density
  • Designed for easy maintenance
  • Conforms to global certification standards
  • Cooling systems to grow with your application
  • Wide range of power distribution systems to meet current and future needs
  • Stable power supply, protected from intermittent power systems
  • Security configured for one enclosure or an entire room: for heat, vibrations, fire suppression or unauthorized entry


Flexibility in an IT enclosure is standard with Rittal, with customizable features and easy reconfiguration. Rittal provides the maximum adaptability with cost-efficient design. Rittal has redefined the standard in Server and Network enclosures with the TS IT modular system, featuring tool-less, snap-in installation technology that improves operating efficiency while reducing costs. Easy to deploy and providing a stable and secure installation environment for IT equipment, the TS IT system can be easily reconfigured to meet future installation demands. With a streamlined design providing an optimum price/ performance ratio, the TS IT system establishes a new standard in functionality, supporting the demanding requirements placed on today’s server and network enclosures.

  • Tool-free assembly makes the most of snap-in technology
  • Most commonly requested dimensions – 24″/28″32″ widths. 40″/42″/48″ depths.
  • Offset positioning for mounting widths of 19”/21”/ 23” and 24”
  • Glazed or vented door options n Unique 180-degree hinges on both front and rear doors
  • Divided rear doors n Multifunctional roof design for flexible cable routing options
  • High load capacity in excess of 3,000 pounds n Engineered solutions to cable routing and management n Seamlessly accommodates all of Rittal’s LCP in row cooling options
  • Expansive range of accessories for power, cable and air flow management


Fountainhead Control Rooms:  https://www.fountainheadcontrolrooms.com


Fountainhead Control Rooms understands the unique requirements of our client space, focusing our unique control room design methodology along with our complementing product suite and services towards the need to support your people and technology. Years of experience utilizing these methods and developing best practices in Command & Control Room Design-Build Services lead us to develop a specialized and proven process. With this in mind, we design, coordinate, install and service spaces that efficiently, effectively and ergonomically meet your current and future needs.


  • The ACTEA control room console is the first control platform with a central column capable of adapting to any operator and centralizing all functions into one single and unique space, creating obstacle-free and ergonomically advancedcontrol room desks that are electronically adjustable for maximum comfort.


  • The ACTEA ATC is part of the new and unlimited concept series of control consoles. The most critically important functions of air and space operations demand maintaining continued vigilance, as well as efficiency from the operator. Maximizing operators’ efficiency has to be guaranteed through a good working environment. The ACTEA ATC offers a fusion of innovation, technology and expertise to improve the way in which monitoring and control is performed, taking our control consoles to the next level, where operators’ real necessities converge with unique and surprising solutions.


  • ADVANTIS is the prime example of a 24/7 control room console dedicated to organizing technological environments that require high added value, where flexibility, adaptability and quality are the main necessities. It is the most versatile of our control room furniture options and a reference in the market for modern control room design; a model of innovation and functionality, of elegance and durability, of precision and user driven ergonomics.


  • ADVANTIS ‘NG’ is redefining standards for control room furniture. Every aspect of design, engineering & ergonomics blends to create an aesthetic and functionally advanced console furniture solution. The ADVANTIS NG has been designed to meet the requirements of a 24/7 operating station and the strictest standards (UNE-EN: 527-211, NTP602, ISO-11064-3) and to achieve the optimum control platform for all stages of use from installing technicians, operators and maintenance technicians to cleaning personnel.


  • DeskWall allows for the management, administration, control of equipment and sources of information through the use of a single keyboard and a mouse in a revolutionary concept: multi-canvas. GESAB has created a new work philosophy that gives the operators the ability to generate, with absolute flexibility, a visualization space of up to 12Kh, where they can organize all of their applications, programs, displays, apps, smart apps, web services, as well as IP video, streaming, social networks and widgets.


  • Fountainhead’s team has special pricing with a vast array of seating options. Many of our specialized seating is specifically built for intensive-use or 24/7 Command Center seating, operator control room seating or NOC seating applications


  • Command Center Technology Tables are a new concept for the interactive environment and for multipurpose rooms and conference rooms that allow the users to develop activities in a sophisticated technological environment, favorable for a dynamic and collaborative work setting.


  • The Tecnolan modular furniture system is the most versatile on the market today. With maximum flexibility, a system that guarantees its adaptability while maximizing cabling and technology management in a durable, robust and minimalist form. Commonly deployed in computer science, security, laboratories, engineering, education, training offices and a variety of specialty environments such as control rooms and network operations centers.