Triad was acquired by RLE Technologies in April of 2017, and is excited to bring a complete suite of airflow management, raised floor, leak detection, and environmental monitoring products to our customers.

The premier products in our portfolio are the patented ICE Chamfer and Slotted perforated floor tiles. Our perforated airflow panels are specifically designed using advanced CFD modeling techniques to provide higher performance results than any other perforated floor tile on the market, and have been shown to reduce data center cooling power needs by up to 40% while simultaneously delivering superior IT cooling capabilities. Around these high performance airflow panels, we have built an entire line of air management solutions providing our customers with a single source for all their data center air management needs.

Rittal Corporation:  HTTPS://WWW.RITTAL.US


RiMatrix S Standard room

The standardized data center is assembled at your premises. The combination of door and roof components provide hot aisle/cold aisle containment and allow consistent separation of hot and cold air.